Gwinnett County HomeStretch

Downpayment Assistance Is Available In Gwinnett County!

Qualifying individuals and families purchasing homes in Gwinnett County may be eligible for the Gwinnett County HOMEStretch I Downpayment Assistance Program. This program is funded by the HUD HOME Investment Partnership Program, administered for Gwinnett County by the Gwinnett County Community Development Program.

How can the HOMEStretch I Downpayment Assitance Program assist you?

The HOMEStretch I Downpayment Assistance Program offers $7,500, 0% interest loans to qualifying first-time homebuyers who purchase affordable homes in Gwinnett County. The 5-year deferred payment (no monthly payments are required!) HOMEStretch I Loan funds may be used for Downpayment and/or Closing Cost Assistance, and/or Prepaid Items. No scheduled payments are required on the HOMEStretch loans during the 5-year loan period. If the homebuyer occupies the home purchased with HOMEStretch loan funds as their principal residence for at least 5 years following the date of the home purchase, the loan is satisfied and no repayment to Gwinnett County is required.


Eligible recipients are first-time homebuyers, including homebuyers who have not owned a home in three years:
◾Who have total household income that does not exceed the HUD maximum income limits listed on this page.
◾Who are credit worthy and can qualify for a fixed-rate 30 year mortgage.
◾Who complete an 8-hour pre-purchase counseling class provided by any HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency and receive a Certificate of Completion. See a list of HUD Approved Housing Counseling in Georgia

Investors may not apply for the Homestretch I Downpayment Assistance Program.

Gwinnett County HomeStretch Income Limits

Household Size / Maximum Income Limits (effective 5/31/11)

1 person = $38,300
2 person = $43,750
3 person = $49,200
4 person = $54,650
5 person = $59,050
6 person = $63,400
7 person = $67,800
8 person = $72,150

Buyers must complete a home buyer course, and an inspection is required. This program requires that borrowers go to meet with the Gwinnett County Community Development team in person.

If you think you want to use the HomeStretch Program you should make an appointment to meet with the County before you have a house under contract. It can take 4-5 weeks to get an appointment and you cannot close for at least 30 days after your initial meeting.

Email us, start your application online, or call us at (404) 601-4152.

Disclaimer: All loans are subject to credit approval.