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100% Financing

Little or No Money Down Financing
Even in the current, more restricted lending market, 100% financing or low money down mortgage loans are still available for qualified home borrowers. Whether you are short on cash or have cash but just do not want to spend it on housing, you can get a home, thanks to 100% financing.
Little or No Money Down programs include:
• FHA Home Loans – FHA now requires that the homeowner contribute 3.5% down payment – however, the borrower can combine the down payment assistance or a gift from a family member as their 3.5% contribution.
• FHA – $100 Down Loan – $100 down payments are available to owner-occupied home buyers when purchasing specific HUD owned homes.
• Down Payment Assistance – Each state and county have allotted monies from the government to help with a borrower’s down payment and closing costs. We will help determine which of these programs may be right for you.
• VA Home Loans – VA guaranteed home loans are made to eligible vetrans for the purchase of a primary residence. 100% financing is available; the VA requires no downpayment.
• Rural Housing Loan – USDA Guaranteed Rural Development loans are 100% financing with no monthly Private Mortgage Insurance. Does the home you are interested in qualify for this program? Believe it or not, there are homes in the METRO ATLANTA area that qualify! We can help you find a qualified home.
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Disclaimer: All loans are subject to credit approval.