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About Us

The WilPower Team with Silverton Mortgage is a direct mortgage lender with a passion to educate and empower homeowners through one of the most important decisions in their lives.

The WilPower Team with Silverton Mortgage is led by Amy Wilemon (NMLS 226390, GRMA 26403) and Carrie Powers (NMLS 152329, GRMA 24419).

It is Amy and Carrie’s shared belief that educating and empowering consumers about the homebuying process is the most valuable service we offer. There is not nearly enough good, honest information available to consumers who have questions about purchasing a home, and there is not enough transparency by real estate professionals, agents and lenders to help buyers navigate the buying process with clarity and confidence.

So with our expertise, and with the full backing of Silverton Mortgage, we provide affordable community home mortgage financing to Georgia’s public employees, direct response, health care, education professionals and first-time homebuyers. These mortgage programs provide fixed, published interest rates and low fixed costs.

Complete transparency allows you, the homebuyer, to know exactly what kind of loan program and loan terms you are getting without having to worry about interest rate or closing cost “surprises” further along in the process.

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Disclaimer: All loans are subject to credit approval.